Workflow schema for content input, storage and reuse

Input streams:

  • Twitter accessed through Flipboard and desktop clients (all favorited tweets are bookmarked at Diigo)
  • Feedly (~150 subscriptions, dynamically changed) and its “saved for later” option
  • random browsing ends up at Diigo
  • research stuff gets downloaded into Zotero and ends up in one of the predefined folders (there is no “dump” folder)
  • this notebook entries are enchanced by manually verified Zemanta links

Review of  the content:

  • web pages get revisited and annotated with Diigo
  • papers are updated with PDF files if I didn’t have access to them while bookmarking; PDFs are annotated with PDF-XChange Viewer or iAnnotatePDF on iPad
  • annotations are extracted in the Zotero (only text selections) and attached to the individual items (plugin-based functionality, search for Zotero-File)

Finding the content:

  • Pro version of Diigo creates a cache of bookmarked sites and provides a full search option on their content, tags are somehow redundant
  • Zotero has the content organized, search and tags are rarely used

Re-using the content:

  • annotations (text snippets, sometimes figures) are inserted in the master notebook file for each project in the relevant portions
  • annotations sometimes are used as quotes in the text documents
  • reference management happens only in Zotero (or manually if setting a folder in Zotero for a small text would be an overkill)

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